Remember my passwords!

Over the years I must have downloaded and installed/uninstalled quite a few (I cannot remember anymore!) password programs that can help me manage my usernames/passwords combinations. With so many websites out there that requires you to login first before you can use their services it is quite daunting to remember what username/password to use. I don't particularly relish the idea of writing my username/passwords on pieces of paper because it's inherently insecure besides being foolish. I am also wary of 'password managers' that claims they don't have access to all the juicy information I entrusted to it. Then again my memory can only hold so much.

So, this morning, I downloaded the LastPass application from According to their website it is "an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure." Good. Exactly what I need. So, I went ahead and installed it. It was easy and straightforward. No hassles at all. Then the application prompted me if I want to search for insecure information on my computer. I sure got the shock of my life when it easily retrieved all of my passwords that I use for Twitter, Facebook, GMail, etc. It dawned on me, duh! that any malicious application can easily do the same had I inadvertently downloaded one. Whew! That sure would be big trouble.

Right now I'm testing LassPass but it looks very promising.


LastPass is definitely a keeper. I've got it installed on all my machines and gadgets!